A quantitative Point of Care platform which enables faster, more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.

AgPlus have developed a diagnostic platform that can be used in multiple market applications.

The AgPlus technology will enable faster, more accurate diagnosis, creating the possibility of real, personalised care.

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AgPlus are working with strategic partners to license our technology.

If your organisation is interested in our technology to develop and enhance their competitive edge or deliver a new service to the market where a fully quantitative, rapid diagnostic tool is needed. We’d love to hear from you.

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Our innovative platform has some unique features that differentiates AgPlus from other Point of Care platforms providers.


A compact, low power system that is truly portable


Fully quantitative results given in 10 minutes or less


Detection technology allows for use across multiple sectors


Developed as a platform technology, the system and chemistry can be adaptable for use alongside PoC.


Developed as a platform technology


System delivers results comparable to central laboratory analysers

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