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AgPlus Diagnostics

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The Agilis Reader

The Agilis READER

To work in conjunction with our proven assay development service, we are proud to have launched our diagnostic reader. This pairing delivers the market requirement of a rapid, ultra-sensitive, fully quantitative PoC test for use across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical applications.

The multi-application capability of the new AgPlus platform will see it meeting many challenges faced by the healthcare industry such as:

Devolved care

Remote healthcare

An aging population

Triage and emergency testing in hospital

Increased occurrence of infectious diseases.

doctor taking blood for tests

Reader Technology

The Agilis reader is a handheld device, which has been developed as a simple to use system, requiring minimum operator intervention to run assays. It can be easily integrated into existing workflows where rapid diagnostics can add value to clinicians.

Full Control of Assay

Further to sample collection, the reader has been developed to fully control the running of the chosen compatible assay and its analysis. The only user intervention required once the assay has been inserted to the reader is the removal of the assay cartridge from the reader for disposal.

The reader has been developed to control the actuation of the fluids for the wash step and the ammonium thiocyanate for the reduction of the silver nanoparticles. Once the assay has run, the fully connected features of the reader allow for immediate global results transfer. Read more about the Agilis’s connectivity here:

Our Key USPs

1. The AgPlus platform offers fully quantitative analysis of multiple analytes from a single sample in a truly portable handheld device.

2. The system has been developed in line with required ISO standards and complies with medical device directives to ensure development partners can easily integrate into their regulatory compliance systems for approval of use. Find out more about our Quality Control procedures here:

3. Through collaboration with B2B partners, AgPlus provides clients with a customised diagnostic assay system, which is able to reach the greatest number of users worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Learn more about our combined platform here:

Download our Agilis Reader leaflet here: