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AgPlus Diagnostics

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Reader Connectivity

In the 21st century, we are all too aware that connectivity is key in any given business. This is even more prevalent within a market where patient and healthcare professionals strive for excellence in care provided. Here at AgPlus our team are passionate about the connectivity of diagnostic testing.

Our handheld reader device has been developed as a simple to use system, which requires minimum operator intervention to run assays. It can easily be integrated into existing workflows where rapid diagnostics can add value to clinicians, and ultimately the patient.

Our Agilis platform technology is market leading and has been developed to support clinicians to deliver outstanding patient care. It is fully communication enabled with built in WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity for results transfer. Plus, the reader has on board information storage which can store up to 3,000 test results, and a built in RFID used for identification of the assay. 

All Assay results can be assigned:

  • User ID
  • Patient ID
  • Time and date stamp (traceability)

The reader and software has been developed to allow for customisation to end user requirements, to ensure maximum flexibility in its use.