AgPlus core assay patent granted in China

The AgPlus Diagnostics core patent has been granted in China.  The patent application (application number: 200880125056.2) for the Electrochemical Detection of a Metal-labelled Analyte submitted by Ag+ was granted on May 31st, 2013.

This adds to the regions where the core Ag+ patent has been granted which already includes Europe and the USA.

On-the-spot test breeds success – AgPlus develops canine progesterone assay for BioTest Diagnostics

AgPlus technology will help to ensure successful fertilization in canine breeding programs

UK diagnostics development company, AgPlus Diagnostics, is to collaborate with New Zealand, Hawks Bay-based BioTest Diagnostics Ltd in the development of a rapid and convenient test for canine progesterone that will be used to pinpoint accurately the narrow window for artificial insemination in canine breeding programs.  Utilizing the unique handheld AgPlus analytical technology, this powerful quantitative test will allow breeders and veterinary practitioners to monitor breeding cycles closely on site in order to increase the likelihood of successful fertilization.

The timing and length of canine heat cycles can vary between species, between animals of the same species and even between cycles in the same animal, making it difficult to predict the ideal time for breeding.  To further complicate matters, the egg requires about 2 days to mature following ovulation, remaining fertile for just 2-3 days.  In addition, whereas fresh sperm survives for 5-7 days, frozen sperm straws are viable for less than 24 hours, which makes the window of opportunity for successful fertilization extremely narrow.

Close monitoring of progesterone levels can help to predict when the female is about to ovulate, when the egg is fertile, and the ideal time for insemination.  Until now, the accurate quantitative measurements that are required for such monitoring have involved sending samples to the laboratory for analysis.  This limits the number of tests that can be performed and incurs delays that can be problematic with such tight timescales.  With AgPlus technology, rapid, accurate and quantitative progesterone measurements will be obtained conveniently at the site of breeding, allowing tests to be performed as frequently as required and providing the best opportunity for successful fertilization.

“The AgPlus technology platform is ideal for testing at the point of care where fast and reliable decision making is of vital importance.  It has a wide range of potential applications and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to meet this need in the veterinary arena,” comments AgPlus Diagnostics Chief Executive Officer, Keith Page.

The collaborative development contract between AgPlus Diagnostics and BioTest Diagnostics will give BioTest Diagnostics preferential rights for the commercial supply of this unique new veterinary diagnostic test.

BioTest Diagnostics Managing Director Mike Seawright, comments, “We are delighted to collaborate with AgPlus Diagnostics on the development of this unique new canine progesterone assay, for which there is already a great deal of interest in the veterinary market.  We see this as a valuable addition to our point of care diagnostics offering.” The company’s executive chairman, Richard Wood of B.T.D “also states that these are exciting times in the development and marketing of point of care diagnostic technology. We are delighted to be business partners with AgPlus in the development of the progesterone diagnostic, and other disease related tests.

Delivering laboratory-grade, quantifiable results within just 10 minutes of sample application the portable AgPlus technology system has enormous potential in a wide variety of applications where a rapid, accurate and sensitive result is important.

AgPlus abstract accepted for poster session at the 2013 AACC Annual Meeting

AgPlus Diagnostics are pleased to announce that their abstract submission for the 2013 AACC Annual Meeting has been accepted for the poster session on July 31st in session B.  The poster title ‘A novel electrochemical immunoassay point of care system’ will be on display from 9.30am – 5pm in the Poster area in Exhibit Hall B at the AACC Conference.

The AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo 2013 will be held in Houston from July 28th – August 1st

AgPlus abstract accepted for oral presentation and poster session at AACC 45th Annual Oak Ridge Conference

AgPlus Diagnostics are pleased to announce that their abstract submission for the AACC 45th Annual Oak Ridge Conference has been accepted for an oral presentation on Friday April 19th at 10.55-11.10am in the POCT/Implantable sensors session chaired by Dr Robin Felder of the University of Virginia.  Ag+ will also be at the poster session on Thursday April 18th between 4.30-6.30pm.  The Ag+ presentation and poster is titled ‘A handheld, rapid, sensitive electrochemical immunoassay point of care system’

The Oak Ridge Conference is AACC’s annual forum for emerging clinical diagnostic technologies. With presentations focusing on novel assay components and systems, this meeting brings together thought leaders from industry, academia, and the clinical laboratory. The conference focuses exclusively on pre-commercial technologies, and session topics are updated each year to reflect diagnostic trends.

AgPlus unveils the first working prototype of their unique new handheld system for rapid, on-the-spot diagnostic results

AgPlus Diagnostics is pleased to announce that the first functional prototype of the handheld AgPlus Diagnostics analytical platform is now fully operational and available for demonstration.  Delivering laboratory-grade, quantifiable results within just 10 minutes of sample application the portable AgPlus technology system has enormous potential in a wide variety of applications where a rapid, accurate and sensitive result is important for fast and reliable decision making.

The AgPlus Diagnostics platform utilises electrochemical immunoassay technology in a patented microfluidic chip format.  The unique signalling and measurement system, based on the detection of amplified silver ions by anodic stripping voltammetry, allows extremely sensitive, accurate and quantifiable results to be obtained from a very small sample volume (50µl) within minutes.  The system does not rely on an optical based detection method, so no sample preparation is required, making it ideal for multiple sample types and for testing in a range of settings.

The first fully functional AgPlus technology prototype will demonstrate an assay for human Troponin I, a cardiac marker used in clinical settings. The AgPlus Troponin I assay is currently showing a dynamic range of .1ng/ml – 50ng/ml with CVs <20% in a non-optimised format with assay run times of 10 minutes.

In addition, AgPlus tests for cortisol and testosterone are currently in development, which will be of value in sports science applications for developing more tailored training plans for athletes and to help reduce chances of Over Training Syndrome.

The technology has been developed so that it can be applied to new and established chemistries and the platform software is easily integrated into existing information management systems.   AgPlus Diagnostics foresee further potential for this technology in human (clinical and non-clinical) and veterinary diagnostics, as well as in environmental and military applications.

“The first working AgPlus technology system prototype is an important milestone for AgPlus Diagnostics, demonstrating the successful coming together of this novel diagnostic assay and its unique analytical platform to achieve a fully functional, portable system that can deliver accuracy and sensitivity that’s on a par with laboratory analysers,” comments Chief Executive Officer, Keith Page.

AgPlus Diagnostics is seeking to develop partnerships and licensing agreements with collaborators in a variety of applications and business sectors. For further information or to discuss potential development or product licensing opportunities for human health applications, contact Courtney Nicholson on +44 (0)7730 099901, and for animal health applications, contact Keith Page on +44 (0)1234 867100.