To be a recognised market leader in innovative Point of Care diagnosis, matching each patient’s critical condition to the right treatment at the right time.

Mission Statement

AgPlus will deliver a leading Point of Care diagnostic platform that people rely on to significantly reduce costs and anxiety. In offering this innovative solution to B2B partners in each clinical segment, AgPlus aims to reach the greatest number of patients worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Our Company Values

These are the practical things AgPlus believes in and they directly inform the decisions the Company make and actions taken to deliver the Vision

  • Patient First: everything AgPlus does is directed to make sure that patients are in control and at the forefront of their medical care.
  • Customer Led: in order to support patients, AgPlus must support its B2B customers and address their business needs.
  • Evidence Based: AgPlus test development has to deliver accurate results. Working with its customers the Company must ensure precision and clinical evidence of efficacy.
  • Collaborative Attitude: in order to get exceptional products for patients, AgPlus need to collaborate with healthcare professional, customers, research laboratories and Universities.