AgPlus have commercial arrangements that can cover development, manufacture, supply and sales for partners wishing to exploit the assay system.

AgPlus are happy to discuss tailored, commercial arrangements regarding the use of their technology that will achieve a positive outcome for all partners.

Intellectual property

AgPlus have a range of patents around our technology on both the cartridge and reader devices. AgPlus will be looking to develop and license our technology to partners across a variety of applications and sectors.


Licensing to partners will be considered by sectors, application and/or geographical territory. Licensing will be considered on exclusive or non-exclusive basis and would typically have a standard milestone/royalty structure to the arrangement.

Supply of goods

For partners not wishing or able to take a product license but would still like to commercialise assays using the AgPlus platform, agreements for goods manufactured and supplied by AgPlus on behalf of the client can also be implemented.

Please see manufacturing page for further details on AgPlus manufacturing capability