AgPlus manufacturing capability will be for OEM manufacture of assay chips for clients. The benefit of this is that clients will be able to take advantage of the combined purchasing benefit of system components and capital investment made by AgPlus to allow for cost effective production of these items.

AgPlus has a preferred supplier for the device manufacture and will also supply these under the clients branding which is required for use with the microfluidic chip.

Overview of manufacturing by AgPlus

Batch size

We offer flexible manufacturing and test batch sizes which are made according to the customer requirements.

Reagent dispensing

Reagents are dispensed through automated liquid handling systems to control quality and consistency in manufacture.

Rapid test device assembly

Semi-automated assembly of the fluidic chip is employed for throughput and control of processes.

Product packing

Products are packed and labelled to clients requirements and specifications.

Functional QC testing

This is carried out according to specifications agreed with the clients at the project start.

Pre-production validation

Trial batches are manufactured prior to full scale manufacture to ensure the process has scaled up correctly to allow for a robust, consistent manufacture of goods.