AgPlus at AACC

Fiona Marshall, CEO of AgPlus will be attending AACC, if anyone would like to find out more about our point of care technology please do drop us a line at and we can organise a face to face meeting.

AgPlus Diagnostics to Develop Point-of-Care Test for AstraZeneca

AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd today announced that they have signed a contract with AstraZeneca to develop a prototype diagnostic. The agreement will cover AgPlus Diagnostics developing a diagnostic assay for potential use as part of a personalised approach to treating respiratory disease.

Keith Page, CEO of AgPlus Diagnostics, said “This is a great new collaboration for AgPlus and recognises the strength of the AgPlus technology and the strength of healthcare development in the UK. AgPlus sees itself as a leading innovator in new technology for diagnostics and is proud to be associated with AstraZeneca, a global leader in biopharmaceuticals.”

AgPlus’ platform technology combines novel electrochemistry and metallic nanoparticles signaling with diagnostic immunoassays to provide high sensitivity and fully quantitative analyte detection. It is anticipated that the AgPlus ADVANTAGETM handheld portable reader and single use test cartridge may be utilised in primary care settings to assist physicians with treatment decisions.

If successful, the prototype device could potentially be developed into a commercial product to accompany AstraZeneca’s respiratory product portfolio.

Ruth March, VP and Head of AstraZeneca Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers, said “Through this partnership, we hope to make available a quick and innovative point-of-care diagnostic to respiratory patients through their physicians. If successful, this diagnostic could be used to measure several biomarkers, which would support our goal of matching patients with the right treatment using their individual biomarker profiles.”

Full text of Press Release can be downloaded here: AgPlus Diagnostics to Develop Point of Care Test for AstraZeneca 21st Sept 2016

Veterinary Team at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and AgPlus Diagnostics Collaborate

Veterinary Team at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and AgPlus Diagnostics Collaborate On Innovative Method To Monitor Asian Elephants During Pregnancy

SG9A8583 ZSL Elizabeth.jpg

The veterinary team at ZSL, a world leader in elephant conservation and science, are working with AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd to develop a specific, point of care immunoassay system capable of monitoring pregnancy in elephants on-site at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. In the first trial of its kind, the ZSL team together with scientists at AgPlus used the newly developed system to monitor the progesterone levels of Karishma, one of Whipsnade’s Asian elephants and part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP), during her recent pregnancy prior to the birth of her calf Elizabeth.  If the trial is successful it is hoped that AgPlus will be able to provide ZSL (and other collections with breeding programs) customised, hand held, portable diagnostic systems for on-site measurements allowing tailored animal care as well as saving time and cost.

If you would like to help ZSL in their mission to protect endangered wildlife please contact: Sandra Crewe, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Zoological Society of London

For more information on the AgPlus Progesterone Test and the Point of Care diagnostic platform please contact