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1. Interpretation

In these Conditions:

  1. “AGPLUS” means AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd whose registered office is at Serco House, 16 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UY, UK. Registered Number 6994240 in England and Wales
  2. “the Contractor” means the person who undertakes to supply the Articles and/or to perform the Services for AGPLUS under the Contract, and, where the Contractor is an individual or a partnership, the expression shall include the personal representatives of that individual or of the partners, as the case may be, and shall also include any person to whom the benefit of the Contract may be assigned by the Contractor with the prior written consent of AGPLUS;
  3. “the Contract” means the agreement between AGPLUS and the Contractor for the supply of the required articles and/or performance of the required services; including these General Conditions of Purchase, any special conditions of contract and all specifications, plans, drawings and other documents that are relevant to the said supply and/or the said performance;
  4. “the Articles” means all articles that the Contractor is required to supply under the Contract and, unless otherwise agreed, any required installation, commissioning and testing of such articles;
  5. “the Services” means all services that the Contractor is required to perform under the Contract, including, unless otherwise agreed, any installation, commissioning and testing of the Articles;
  6. “the Contract Price” means the price (exclusive of Value Added Tax) payable to the Contractor by AGPLUS under the Contract for the full and proper performance by the Contractor of its part of the Contract;
  7. “AGPLUS Property” means anything issued or otherwise furnished in connection with the Contract by or on behalf of AGPLUS or its authorised representative;
  8. “the Arising Results” means all inventions, patents and applications therefore, copyright (including computer software), designs, drawings, reports, information and know-how that are produced or acquired by the Contractor (and by any subcontractor) during and in the course of the performance of the Contract;
  9. “Party” means a party to the Contract;
  10. “the Parties” means the parties to the Contract;
  11. “loss” includes destruction;
  12. “month” means a calendar month;
  13. “person” includes a corporation.