14. Progress Reports

  1. The Contractor shall provide to AGPLUS any progress reports required under the Contract at such times and in such forms as are specified in the Contract or as may otherwise be agreed by the Contractor and AGPLUS.
  2. The submission and acceptance of such progress reports shall not prejudice the rights of AGPLUS under any other terms of the Contract.

15. Arising Results

  1. Subject to any rights that are owned by the Contractor as a result of any work performed outside the Contract and subject to the rights of any third party, the Arising Results shall be the property of AGPLUS and AGPLUS may use (and authorise others to use) the Arising Results for any purpose. The Contractor hereby assigns the future copyright in the Arising Results (or any part thereof) to the AGPLUS.
  2. The Contractor shall, as may be reasonably necessary, assist the AGPLUS to obtain any patent or other registered protection in respect of the Arising Results and shall ensure that its employees agents and subcontractors do all such acts (including the prompt signature of relevant documents) as shall be required for such purpose.
  3. AGPLUS may publish any of the Arising Results with due acknowledgement of the work performed by the Contractor in the supply of the Articles and/or the performance of the Services.
  4. The Contractor shall not reproduce or disseminate the Arising Results to any third party for any purpose other than the performance of the Contract without the prior written consent of AGPLUS.
  5. The Contractor shall only use the Arising Results for the purpose of the performance of the Contract and shall not use the Arising Results for any other purpose without the prior written consent of AGPLUS.
  6. The Contractor hereby waives all moral rights in respect of the Arising Results and shall obtain a waiver of such moral rights from any subcontractor engaged in the performance of the Contract.

16. AGPLUS Property

  1. All AGPLUS Property shall remain the property of AGPLUS and shall only be used in the performance of the Contract and for no other purpose whatsoever unless otherwise agreed in writing with AGPLUS.
  2. All AGPLUS Property shall be deemed to be in good condition when received by or on behalf of the Contractor unless the Contractor notifies AGPLUS to the contrary within the period of fourteen (14) days (or such other period of time as may be specified in the Contract) from the date of receipt of the AGPLUS Property by the Contractor.
  3. The Contractor undertakes to return all AGPLUS Property to AGPLUS on completion or earlier termination of the Contract and shall be responsible for all loss thereof or damage thereto (excluding fair wear and tear) from whatever cause to the full amount of such loss or damage.